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About Avantia
Avantia is a regulated financial services technology platform and risk analytics business that owns successful and profitable B2C general insurance consumer brands.
The home insurance industry has a massive opportunity to use technology to provoke change designed to benefit consumers. Avantia has built a business with consistent and sustainable growth and profitability by using technology, algorithm compilation, and vast data libraries to understand complex risk without human intervention.
With these tools we are able to price residential property risks in a superior and more cost efficient manner than the industry. This creates a valuable proposition for all of our customers, and competitive advantage over our peers.
Avantia supplies the rating intelligence and online trading platform to home insurance brands including HomeProtect - the UK’s premier provider of specialist residential property risk insurance products and services.
Avantia provides the technology platform able to cover complex risk profiles across the entire spectrum of standard to non-standard risk. This is possible because Avantia maintains the most effectively rated and market-leading quote return profile of any household property insurer in the UK.

Avantia has invested heavily in R&D and technology environments, and owns and develops valuable and unique IP to capitalise on our rich and nuanced domain knowledge.

Avantia is owned by its management team, who are backed by ECI Partners - one of the longest established and most successful private equity groups in the UK.

Residential property insurance in the UK is a £6+ billion market, offering vast opportunities for diversification and growth. Numerous insurance sectors exist that are either based around or layered upon residential property insurance.

A uniquely successful home insurance brand established with the principle of putting consumers first. Every single day, hard working people are rejected for home insurance. The insurance industry works out how to exclude people who don’t fit their ‘average’ profile. In the eyes of many older insurance companies this is the best way to improve their profits.

HomeProtect is different. HomeProtect believes that everyone has the right to protect his or her home. Using the Avantia residential property insurance risk analytics, pricing, and trading platform, HomeProtect matches the highest levels of affordable yet expansive cover to every risk type. In fact, HomeProtect’s home insurance product has been independently verified with a Defaqto 5-star rating; that’s the highest score available. Using the Avantia approach, HomeProtect aims to offer immediate cover, online, no matter the circumstance.

Residential property insurance in the UK is a £6+ billion market, offering vast opportunities for diversification and growth. Numerous insurance sectors exist that are either based around or layered upon residential property insurance.
Essential emergency service for everyone

08000HelpMe is the essential "one call sorts it all" service to help in an emergency, offered as an optional extra for residential insurance customers. This business was acquired by Avantia in 2006.

The team
Avantia Group is a customer-focused, technology and data driven company delivering the best insurance platform solution in the industry. This takes innovation, passion, experience, and leadership.

Avantia’s hands-on management team have come from a wide variety of successful backgrounds, building years of practical experience across the technology, data, and insurance industries.

Mark Eastham Mark Eastham
Mark Eastham
Chief Executive Officer
Shahid Mahmood Shahid Mahmood
Shahid Mahmood
Chief Financial Officer
Dan Huddart Dan Huddart
Dan Huddart
Chief Technology Officer
Richard Wilson Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson
Chief Commercial Officer
Jason Paschalides Jason Paschalides
Jason Paschalides
Chief Underwriting Officer
Our trophy cabinet is actually getting quite full. We’ve worked hard at Avantia to create a different kind of insurance company.

We are absolutely committed to our purpose of bringing accessible and affordable home insurance to the households of Britain. So its great to be recognized by the industry and our peers for doing something special.

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At Avantia, our great ideas have a way of becoming great products and great customer experiences. We employ highly motivated, innovative people with great ideas to join our HomeProtect home insurance team. Find out if we have a vacancy that suits you.
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